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Structural Steel Designer's Handbook
by Roger Brockenbrough
$185.00 US
$185.00 US (Member Price)

Coverage includes:

*Properties of structural steels and effects of steel-making and fabrication
*Fabrication and erection
*Building codes, loads, and fire protection
*Criteria for building design
*Design of building members
*Floor and roof systems
*Lateral-force design
*Cold-formed steel design
*Highway bridge design criteria
*Railroad bridge design criteria
*Beam and girder bridges
*Truss bridges
*Arch bridges
*Cable-suspended bridges

Dear Bookclub Member:

Solve even the most challenging structural steel design and construction problems with May’s Editor’s Choice. Fully updated with the most recent design codes, standards, and specifications, Structural Steel Designer’s Handbook, Fifth Edition, provides a convenient, single source of the latest information essential to the practical design of steel structures. Inside, you’ll find instant answers to your questions on steel building and bridge design and construction from more than 20 of the top experts.

This month, you'll also find other essential engineering texts, including Roark's Formulas for Stress and Strain, Eighth Edition, Design of Urban Stormwater Controls, Second Edition, Civil Engineering Formulas, Second Edition, and more—all at savings of up to 40% off. As always, you choose only the books you want, when you want them. Outstanding products, significant savings, and no obligation to buy anything—ever. This is why we believe that the McGraw-Hill Civil Engineer's Bookclub is your best resource for engineering books.


Larry Hager
Senior Editor
Technology and Engineering
McGraw-Hill Professional

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